Raised in 80’s Northern Ireland on a smorgasbord of Folk, Country and Pop along with a generous serving of Irish Traditional Music, the foundations of the singer/songwriter Niamh McNally’s musical fire was kindled.

    By her late teens she joined her first professional band, thus forging the beginnings of her music career. Niamh’s distinctive vocal tone, coupled with her highly regarded reputation for proficiency, has since then led to her working around the globe with a spectrum of artists including Brian May,
Leon Russell, Ronan Keating, Gilbert O’Sullivan, and Marina and the Diamonds as a backing vocalist.

    In tandem with this rich and varied programme, and underpinned by her Classical and Jazz Studies at University in London, Niamh consistently honed her own songwriting craft into an inimitable, strong, sensitive and sensual style.

    Her heartfelt and soulful debut EP “On My Mind”, was received with much enthusiasm. It also attracted the support of Sir Terry Wogan who, enchanted by Niamh’s music (when she was part of the Radio 2’s ‘Weekend Wogan’ House Band), invited her to perform her original work on his live national show, as it was “only right and fitting.”

    Niamh’s versatile and characterful songwriting gained the attention of Universal Publishing in 2009, serendipitously launching her into the world of writing for Film and T.V. to which she is a regular contributor for their extensive international library.


Niamh’s EP “On My Mind” is available on itunes/amazon.
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